Guide on how to properly ask a question

iStock_000005290011XSmall-question-mark-head-279x300Most of the people who ask questions never realized that once they asked an inquiry, it will be followed by another question. How so? I’ll give an example: “My phone is broken, how can I fix it?” The one answering your question would ask you in return. “What kind of phone do you have? What is broken? Software or hardware? And many more questions which in turn would just frustrate you more than your actual need for an answer.

So how can we ask a question without them asking you back? Well, there are a few ways to follow if we want to have the right answer. Just follow this basic steps.

Ask the right question:

When we ask a question, visualize yourself as the one answering your problem. Were you able to give the whole story? Will you be asking a few more question to answer the issue?  Will you understand your own question if you are the one who’s going to answer it without any prior knowledge of who you are and what you are dealing with? Chances are you might not. Remember. When asking a question, you are essentially giving a puzzle board. You need to provide all the puzzle pieces in order for the expert to help you solve it. So when you ask a question, make sure it is as complete as possible. That way, we can answer it as accurately as possible.

Examples of a not so good question:

“My laptop could not connect to the internet. What is the problem?” :

“My phone is not connecting to the internet, what can the reason be?” :

We also don’t know what the problem is and our answer will most likely be 50% guesswork. But of course our experts would still like to answer it as best as we can.

Examples of a good question:

“My laptop could not connect to the internet. It was able to connect wirelessly yesterday. Now it can only connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable. What can be the problem?” :

“My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, it was working just an hour ago. I replaced my sim card from a different provider and now it would not work. What can the reason be?”

This is a good question since we are able to isolate immediately if this is a hardware, software or internet issue.

Include all the details:

We in are not omniscient. Meaning we do not know everything. We can’t see what you are seeing. We don’t know who you are referring to. We can only guess what you can see or feel and pretend we know who you are referring to when you want us to know your friend’s phone number. But you can help by including a few details. You can start by adding a history. How, when and what you think the problem is. This could greatly help us in determining the root cause of the problem.

Long question Vs. Short answer:

Are you aware that a short question usually will give you a longer answer because when we answer your question and it is incomplete, we respond by trying to cover everything because we are anticipating your needs? But generally speaking, you might get confused especially if the answer that we provided is not the one that you wanted. To make it more accurate. Ask a question that is complete. Don’t worry if it is a bit longer. The more specific you are then the more accurate and precise the answer is. In, our goal is to help you by providing the best answer possible. We won’t be able to achieve it if we are not providing the right answer to the right questions.

Author: Emerson Siatan

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“Featured Expert”

Here at askmefast we take pride in our experts as they are the backbone and strength of our service. Their teamwork and dedication is greatly appreciated by not only askmefast, but by you, the people that they cater to on a daily basis.

One expert that stands out as our Expert of the week is Krista Neuner032013185403

My name is Krista Neuner and I’m an answer guide at I’m 25 years old and I’ve recently moved to sunny North Carolina. When I’m not working you can find me doing “Mom things” with my six-year-old son. Sometimes though, I’m doing no-so-Mom things like playing League of Legends or consistently beating my boyfriend at pinball. I’m a little bit competitive!

I have a wide variety of interests including ancient history, archaeology, and psychology. I love to read though I’m not always able to find the time to do so. A couple years ago I took up a hobby called “hoop dancing” which involves multi-colored homemade hula hoops and all kinds of fun tricks. You can often find me doing this in my yard when the weather’s nice.
I’ve been with AskMeFast for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s been an amazing opportunity to learn a lot about a wide variety of subjects that I previously had only basic knowledge of. I’ve worked hard to constantly improve myself in everything I do with this company. I’m honored to be recognized as guide of the week.”


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March 21, 2013 · 6:29 pm

“Splash Island”

     It’s summer time! Summer in the Philippines starts from third week of March and ends first week of June. Classes has already ended, and everyone is free to go for an excursion. What would be the most famous thing to do every summer? SWIMMING!

This is the perfect time to face the sun, go for a tan and wear those skimpy bikinis and short shorts (yes, short shorts). Aside from getting cold beverages such as shakes and ice cream, swimming is one of the best ways to beat the heat.

ImageOne of the most popular places that you can visit to go for a swim with different rides and attractions would be Splash Island. Yes, you read it right, they have rides. So if you want extraordinary adventure then you can visit this place.


(My family. Phone Cam)

Splash Island is located in the heart of Binan, Laguna. You can either commute, or much better bring your own vehicle for less hassle.

How to get to Splash Island:If you will commute:

From Edsa: Ride a bus going to San Pedro/Pacita Complex. Just tell the drive to drop you off at Jollibee Pacita, then you will need to take a tricycle going to Splash Island. I am not sure about the fare. Bus fare is around 100 -150 Pesos/Pax (Almost $4). Then tricycle will be around 200 – 250 Pesos (Almost $7)If you will be bringing your own vehicle, you need to take the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway). Then take Southwoods exit.  You can take this map as reference.


(Grabbed from Splash Islands Site)

   Splash island is open from 8am – 6pm, Mondays through Fridays (peak season only). Their one day tickets give guests to use un-limitedly all the slides, attractions and facilities. They also have cottages which are on a first come first serve basis because of limited availability. I went there twice. The First time we got there, we were able to rent a cottage. It is a small cabana with air con and lock, then the second time we just use their free tables and chair. Oh by the way, you need to wear proper swimming attire.


Entrance Fees:ALL DAY PASS (As of 03/19/2013)Fridays – Sundays +Holidays:  499 PHP ($13USD)

Mondays-Thursdays : 399 PHP (Limited Offer)

This is a small Cabana that we were able to get. This is around 650 – Php 1500 ($40USD). The second time I got there, the attendant provided tables and chairs which they places under a tree. It did not cost us anything J. They also have lockers around 100- 200PHP. There are also Big Cabanas with own comfort Room, Sala and Bedroom. This will cost you around 5,000PHP ($125USD).

ATTENTION: IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO BRING FOODS, EVEN WATER. So better leave your foods in your vehicle, or you can buy there. Don’t dare to bring foods, they do massive

inspection hehehehe. There are a lot of choices once inside, from especially grilled foods which are perfect for swimming!

Now Let’s go for the Rides and Attractions. I was not able to take all photos, don’t have a waterproof cam. (Photos are from their website some are mine):


RIO MONTAŇOSA: A family fun ride! 4 persons can ride this at once.



I did not try this one. I got scared. HEHEHE 😀


AGOS GRANDES: Splash Islands Wave pool!  (Excuse my baby fats :D)


WATER WAHOO: BEST FOR KIDS AND KIDS AT HEAT ❤ (Future sister in law? hehehehe)


BALSA RIVER: Using your “Balsa” (rubber boat), drift along their flowing river!


These are the attractions/rides that I personally tried. There are other rides that you can try.

Image**Photos from Splash Island’s Site**

There are also different activities that you can try such as zip line, wall climbing inflatables, kayaks and even zorb balls. You can also do your team building activities. They have available packages for big companies and they will set it up you, so no need to worry.

Hope you can visit this place, and make your summer adventure fun with your loved ones!

Mia Veronica Sumilhig/Pinay and Proud J. My first blog eveeerrr:D


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“Fangirl Mode: ON!”


     So, have you been suddenly affected by the Korean wave addiction?
Well I guess it’s really viral right now. 🙂

     “K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop)(Korean가요 kayo) is a musical genre and subculture originating in South Korea which comprises a wide spectrum of musical and visual elements. Although in a larger scope K-pop may include any genre of South Korean popular music, outside of the country the term is more commonly used for songs sung by systematically trained K-Pop idols signed with management agencies such as SM EntertainmentYG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. (source:wikipedia)”

     These 3 Large companies as well as other famous k-pop bands/groups conquered not only Asia but also the Southern countries including USA. 

Since “Gangnam Style” of Psy hit worlwide and became very popular, people became more interested to K-Pop. It also proves that K-Pop is not only  for pretty girls and handsome guys.

On December 21, 2012, “Gangnam Style” became the first YouTube video to reach a billion views.As of March 7, 2013, the music video has been viewed over 1.393 billion times on YouTube, and it is the site’s most watched video after surpassing Justin Bieber‘s single “Baby.” (source:wikipedia)

So I guess this is just an introduction for those who are not still familiar with the Korean Wave.

This is most popular in youth, but there is also a population whose in their mid 30s-40s who are affected by the Korean Wave!!
Truely unbelievable! Daebak!

Anyways, I want to share with you how I started became addicted to K and who are my biases!
  So this blog is  for our Netizens who are curious how kids these days are patronizing foreign language. And for people who are also like me, I know you can also relate with this ;
*Let me first share my story on my Music preference before I became addicted to K-Pop.
So, since high school I was so into Screamo, hardcore, Rock and Punk songs.
I don’t like listening to ballad, sentimental and old songs. It’s too boring for me. Even at that time I am not interested into Pop songs.
I am still like that in my college.
Until I graduated from college. . . .
I had the chance to do my own thing and I decided to watch again K-Dramas.
Because I am already watching K-dramas before, it was being dubbed in our TV stations and I even bought dvds if I missed the broadcast.

So the fangirling thing all started with Dream High!
I really liked the drama! I love the characters and I even re-watched it 3x.
“Dream High” pushed me to like K-pop. That let me became addicted to my first K-pop group which is 2PM!
From then I started researching and knowing other groups, watching their music videos, variety shows, parodies, interviews and listening to their songs.
I became totally different from my past attitude.
The genre that I didn’t even tried to listen that time, genre that I even called “corny” and the genre that I can’t even understand.
But now waaaahhh… It’s just been a year since I started, but my love for them is so big! And also people that I started to love are growing!
I even want to live in Korea now!
Who wants to come with me? 😛
Here’s my BIAS LIST
Last July2012
And here it is now Hahahaha
 I can’t even decide on their rankings!
I suddenly become afraid to know more about other groups,I think I will be lost to them.
But still, do you have suggestions for me? 🙂
Thank you for reading this. Let’s be chingu-ya and do fangirling! ^^
Let me also know your story!
Share it with us 🙂
About the Author:
Sarah Salva
“Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative.” -Hayley Williams

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” Amateur Photographer’s”

An amateur photographer’s shots

by Kenneth F. Antolin


The passion of photography

Entering the world of photography has no prerequisites. It is unlike other professions which require lots of conditions. Anyone can be a photographer. Anyone can shoot photos.

In photography, there are no restrictions. You should not say that a photo is not good. Indeed, All photos are good. There are no bad shots in photography.

I have here photos of mine whom I know that maybe for professionals are just an ordinary shots. But, for me, I treasured these photos. Why? Because, all the photos you will see here are have their individual story to tell. Let me tell to you one by one.


“Pillars of History”

Actually the subject on this photo is just a typical bleachers in our university. Not quite a good-looking place. But, as an amateur photographer, it is my duty to make subject to be attractive even if it is not in reality.

I shoot this behind the bleacher, it is around 8:00 AM. Surprisingly, the shadows cast like that. Then my eyes amazed saying on my mind “its the hidden beauty of this bleachers”. So, I was pushed to shoot to it.

Maybe you are confused why the title I named, with help of some friends, is “Pillars of History”. Actually, this bleachers is not the original bleachers before. The original bleachers was burned several decades ago. The original materials used are woods. Now, this newly renovated bleachers is made of concrete. Further, this part was one which eyed all the success of our university. It witnessed all the good and bad memories, not only the university, but also from the students. This place was one of the most visited place in our university. Here, you can unwind and be free from all the stressful college hours.

This photo was the fifth placer on the Environmental Photo contest. It is one of my entries for the contest with “Half Life”.


“Pillars of History”

Source: Kenneth F. Antolin

“Half Life”

This photo is what I passed for Environmental Photo contest in our university. It took me a half day to find this tree. Actually, I shoot this a hundreds of times in different angles. Only one approved by me. It captures my eyes as I look unto it. Yes, you may say that it is just an ordinary photo, but if you are in my situation during my shooting with this, I guess, you may say “Wow!”

I took this photo with a nervous feeling. Not far from the tree, there are cows. Some are big enough to attack me and some are little, maybe their babies. So, shooting in that kind of situation may actually never have that kind of output unless you have a very excellent DSLR.

By the way, this photo brought me on upper stage to grab the title “Enviro-Photo of the Year.”


“Half Life”

Source: Kenneth F. Antolin

“Father and Son”

On field-trip during our bus stop in a convenience store, this view caught my attention. It was 6:00 AM, almost the perfect time to see the beautiful sunrise. I’ve noticed these only two trees from the vicinity along the highway. These were situated on the farm.

What’s unique to these two trees were their height and their growth characteristics. As you can see, the other one is more bigger and taller but very few of leaves. The other one is smaller but very plenty with leaves. I decided to shoot this inside the bus. While previewing this on the cam, I noticed their similarity with a father and a son.

A father is always bigger than a son. In real life, a father gives all the luxuries to their family. A son is always smaller but have all the luxuries and necessities in him. This picture shows what’s in reality. Yes, through nature, we learned and realized things and apply it in reality.

As an amateur photographer, it is also my duty to represent social issues through photos.


“Father and Son”

Source: Kenneth F. Antolin

“Perfect Curve”

This picture completed my photo session experience for a day. I am on the mode for looking place that is unique to the eyes. It was 12 noon that time. I am about to explore the outside view of this Nueva Ecija Convention Center. Its almost an hour but I don’t see any unique view. All I can see are those usual views. Accidentally, when I am on the stairs near the lobby, I saw this greenish reflection on the floor. I looked on it and saw the very good curvature. Amiable, indeed. I immediately run in front of the convention center and shoot this perfect curve.


“Perfect Curve”

Source: Kenneth F. Antolin

“Shrine of Bravery”

This photo has been taken during our tour on Mt. Samat at the Province of Bataan. When we are about to leave the huge cross on the top of the mountain, I saw this fantastic view. A standing flag erected on the “Shrine of Bravery”. The view perfectly fitted to what the place is all about. Shrine of Bravery. An unbeatable flag seems like saying he is brave.

As an amateur photographer, It is my task to figure out the meaning of each subject in a photo.


“Stand Alone”

Source: KEnneth F. Antolin

Happy to be an amateur

Yes, there are lots of subjects for photo shooting. There are lots of angles to choose from. There is no specific way to judge a photo. Some are very strict if the photo is good for their eyes. Some are very strict to the basic rules of photography. Some are judging the photo for what is the subject is all about. But for me, I love photography because of its uniqueness. Photography gives me a chance to explore the “real world”. I learned that all good photos are not classified by means of the output, but I realized that on shooting photos, I must just give my very best shot deep inside my heart. That’s what photography is all about to for me. Photography is useless if your motives are to earn or be famous. We must always bear in our mind the true essence of photography. We are shooting photos to encourage, mesmerize, influence, and remember. That’s why I love photography. Yes, I am always happy to be an amateur photographer. No formal photography education, but I have the power to give meaning to all my masterpieces.

 Written by and Special Thanks to Kenneth F. Antolin


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Special Agent Oso Your Special Assignment


My 2-year-old son loves that cartoon and just reminded me about what we do as adults to overcome challenges and take opportunities.

Throughout our lives, we always set objectives and goals to be accomplished. I guess, somehow, we always thought that once school was over, our life would be easier.  That is not the case. We needed to find a job, move out from our parent’s house, and find our own way. Wow,  life is not easier than when I was in school. Well, here it goes again. I bet, once I find a steady job and an affordable dream home, our life will be just dandy!



Does this sound familiar to you at all? We have been misinformed by our parents, school, and everybody else that life was easy, but it’s the other way around. Life is very complicated in every step. Is there a board or an office where I can complain about this? Nobody told me about that, and by law, (here comes my legal voice) everything must be in writing and accessible.  I can’t find that information posted anywhere.

Life is tough, nobody said it was going to be easy; however, I truly believe that if we find the balance between the overwhelming and the happiness, we will be okay.



My point is that every step along our life becomes a challenge, an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and become stronger with our accomplishments. From there, we move on to our next journey where different challenges are to be conquered.

I think we all  make things more complicated sometimes. In my case, I am a control freak, which means I need to fix everything on my own, and since I’m a superwoman, I can pretty much do everything! Well, yes, but no, I do need help. Regardless of the fact that asking for help makes me feel like I’m failing. That’s how I was taught. It is very hard to overcome our own paradigms and try to move into a different way of reacting when we are so used to do the same thing over and over.



I always find myself trapped into a life full of stress. I keep forgetting about the blessings I have. I have a great family (not perfect at all and may be to others somehow dysfunctional, but the truth is we love each other, and that’ s what makes it real), I have good friends, and  I’m still healthy.


Once the storm is gone, we always have a good laugh and look back and remember everything that we have been through. Then we look forward for the next challenge to come. It is time to regroup and replenish your strength, your heart, your energy, everything; because it is about to start over again.


And now, you ask why Special Agent Oso has to be involved? Well, he completes his assignments in three special steps. Even though his assignments are always complicated, he manages to take care of them every time with a positive attitude. I think we should learn from him and start looking at our life to conquer it in three special steps.

And like the song says: “3 special steps that’s all you need, 3 special steps and you’ll succeed, your special assignment starting now, with 3 special steps will show you how” Here are the steps for life that I’m proposing:

  1. No problem can be bigger to overwhelm your life unless you are sick or you die.
  2. Remember to laugh and to look at the good things you have. Stop concentrating on pointing out the bad.
  3. Make a battle plan, look for options, possible suggestions, and ask for HELPImage

“3 special steps, so now you know, 3 special steps and you are ready to go, the checklist has all the steps you need, just follow them all and you’ll succeed, with 3 special steps”(Theme song Special Agent Oso, Playhouse, Disney)

Three special steps, not bad right? It’s easier saying them than actually implementing them…
This time I will try them and will keep you posted to see if my three special steps are working out and making my life easier, just like special agent oso suggested.

About me:

 My name is Alma Aldana
I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico.
I’m the oldest of 3, my brother is the middle child and my sister the baby girl, but regardless of that my mom and dad always made us feel special to each one of us.

Mom and Dad are teachers, therefore education was very important for them, I was lucky received a Spanish -French bilingual education in a private school for my elementary and secondary school.
After finishing high school I was sent to Washington State as an exchange student to learn English, I fell in love with the beauty of the cities and the weather and promised to myself to come back.


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How To Have Fun Cooking Authentic Mexican Carne Asada (Grilled Steak) Tacos


     If you want to cook like a Mexican then you will need to turn your radio ON very loud and dance while cooking

Here is what you will need:

– MASECA Instant corn masa mix (to make tortillas)
– Water
– For the meat, I like to buy the angus beef steaks from walmart brand $25.00 (10 pk)taco2
– 3 tomatoes
– 1 onion
– 1 bunch of cilantro- 2 avocados- 3 garlic cloves- serrano chiles
– limes
– salt
– black pepper

First you start by making your corn tortillas as directed on the package, just add water and mix.
Don’t forget to be chewing gum and popping some bubbles while making tortillas.

     While you are making tortillas , you need to place the tomatoes and the serrano chiles (I use 1 or 2, but depending on how hot you like the salsa you can add as many you want) on the pan at a low heat and let them roast, turn them occasionally to get them cooked all over.
Keep dancing and drinking

Once they are soft and juicy then place them into the blender, then add water, ¼ of an onion, 2 cloves of garlic and some cilantro. salt and black pepper.
And then you have your red salsa ready!salsa-picanta-roja

Now, for the avocado salsa, open 2 avocados and place them into the blender (just the inside of it), some cilantro, ¼ of onion, 1 clove of garlic, ½ serrano chile, water, and salt.

Finally for the meat, if you have the angus steaks just place them into the grill until they are done, if you have plain beef steaks, place them on the grill and just add salt and pepper. Chop the meat into tiny pieces.

Now, for the toppings you need, diced onion and cilantro.

Everything is ready for you to start making your tacos, grab a tortilla, place some meat on it, then add some cilantro and onions, then some hot red salsa and avocado salsa too, the final touch is lime juice and your taco is Listo para comer! Delicioso!

About me,

My name is Alma Aldana

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico.I’m the oldest of 3, my brother is the middle child and my sister the baby girl, but regardless of that my mom and dad always made us feel special to each one of us.

Mom and Dad are teachers, therefore education was very important for them, I was lucky received a Spanish -French bilingual education in a private school for my elementary and secondary school.
After finishing high school I was sent to Washington State as an exchange student to learn English, I fell in love with the beauty of the cities and the weather and promised to myself to come back.

     Started Law school in a private University in Mexico and played soccer for the school team, when finished decided to start a journey and move to either US or Canada, and I ended up settling down in Seattle for the next 6 years of my life, then I was offered to participate in a program to become a bilingual teacher in Texas, therefore, I moved to the south and went to school again, took some tests and finally became a certified bilingual teacher by the school board of Texas.



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