Expert of the Month February 2013


Janet’s nickname here at is “Disney” What are the odds?

“Askmefast? Whats that?”

This was Janet Reyes’ first thought when she found the site, and now AskMeFast would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Janet R., for receiving the Answer Guide Expert of the Month Award!

She is extremely talented, and goal oriented. Janet also has a wonderful personality, brings fun and excitement to the work environment as she smashes the chat charts daily. We at AskMeFast are proud to have her as an expert on our team!

Janet, or “Jangs” to her family and “Jai” to her close friends is currently taking up her B.S., in Computer Science at one of the universities in Manila.

“It is hard being a working student, but someone has to do it!” Janet says.

Janet Likes reading suspense and adventure books in her spare time. She has the Twilight and Harry Potter collections, and of course, she is into music! Janet feels that music makes her alive. “They say music is food for the soul”, and I have to agree with her!

Before Janet came on full time with AskMeFast she enjoyed playing table tennis in her spare time (not professionally though).

“I’m glad to be a part of the fast growing family of Askmefast and I’ll do my best the best way i can. I may be a jolly person, but i am serious when it comes to my job. Dependable is my middle name and fun to be with but I seldom go out. I can stay in my room all day with my books and music”

Janet does not seem to stop, even when she is tired, but she does stop when she knows her part is done.

Janets view is “Aim high and always do your best!” She says she is proud to be part of the AskMeFast team.

Thanks again Janet Reyes for all of your hard work and dedication to! We appreciate you and all your hard work!


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