“Fangirl Mode: ON!”


     So, have you been suddenly affected by the Korean wave addiction?
Well I guess it’s really viral right now. 🙂

     “K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop)(Korean가요 kayo) is a musical genre and subculture originating in South Korea which comprises a wide spectrum of musical and visual elements. Although in a larger scope K-pop may include any genre of South Korean popular music, outside of the country the term is more commonly used for songs sung by systematically trained K-Pop idols signed with management agencies such as SM EntertainmentYG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. (source:wikipedia)”

     These 3 Large companies as well as other famous k-pop bands/groups conquered not only Asia but also the Southern countries including USA. 

Since “Gangnam Style” of Psy hit worlwide and became very popular, people became more interested to K-Pop. It also proves that K-Pop is not only  for pretty girls and handsome guys.

On December 21, 2012, “Gangnam Style” became the first YouTube video to reach a billion views.As of March 7, 2013, the music video has been viewed over 1.393 billion times on YouTube, and it is the site’s most watched video after surpassing Justin Bieber‘s single “Baby.” (source:wikipedia)

So I guess this is just an introduction for those who are not still familiar with the Korean Wave.

This is most popular in youth, but there is also a population whose in their mid 30s-40s who are affected by the Korean Wave!!
Truely unbelievable! Daebak!

Anyways, I want to share with you how I started became addicted to K and who are my biases!
  So this blog is  for our Netizens who are curious how kids these days are patronizing foreign language. And for people who are also like me, I know you can also relate with this ;
*Let me first share my story on my Music preference before I became addicted to K-Pop.
So, since high school I was so into Screamo, hardcore, Rock and Punk songs.
I don’t like listening to ballad, sentimental and old songs. It’s too boring for me. Even at that time I am not interested into Pop songs.
I am still like that in my college.
Until I graduated from college. . . .
I had the chance to do my own thing and I decided to watch again K-Dramas.
Because I am already watching K-dramas before, it was being dubbed in our TV stations and I even bought dvds if I missed the broadcast.

So the fangirling thing all started with Dream High!
I really liked the drama! I love the characters and I even re-watched it 3x.
“Dream High” pushed me to like K-pop. That let me became addicted to my first K-pop group which is 2PM!
From then I started researching and knowing other groups, watching their music videos, variety shows, parodies, interviews and listening to their songs.
I became totally different from my past attitude.
The genre that I didn’t even tried to listen that time, genre that I even called “corny” and the genre that I can’t even understand.
But now waaaahhh… It’s just been a year since I started, but my love for them is so big! And also people that I started to love are growing!
I even want to live in Korea now!
Who wants to come with me? 😛
Here’s my BIAS LIST
Last July2012
And here it is now Hahahaha
 I can’t even decide on their rankings!
I suddenly become afraid to know more about other groups,I think I will be lost to them.
But still, do you have suggestions for me? 🙂
Thank you for reading this. Let’s be chingu-ya and do fangirling! ^^
Let me also know your story!
Share it with us 🙂
About the Author:
Sarah Salva
“Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative.” -Hayley Williams

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