Expert of the Month February 2013


Janet’s nickname here at is “Disney” What are the odds?

“Askmefast? Whats that?”

This was Janet Reyes’ first thought when she found the site, and now AskMeFast would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Janet R., for receiving the Answer Guide Expert of the Month Award!

She is extremely talented, and goal oriented. Janet also has a wonderful personality, brings fun and excitement to the work environment as she smashes the chat charts daily. We at AskMeFast are proud to have her as an expert on our team!

Janet, or “Jangs” to her family and “Jai” to her close friends is currently taking up her B.S., in Computer Science at one of the universities in Manila.

“It is hard being a working student, but someone has to do it!” Janet says.

Janet Likes reading suspense and adventure books in her spare time. She has the Twilight and Harry Potter collections, and of course, she is into music! Janet feels that music makes her alive. “They say music is food for the soul”, and I have to agree with her!

Before Janet came on full time with AskMeFast she enjoyed playing table tennis in her spare time (not professionally though).

“I’m glad to be a part of the fast growing family of Askmefast and I’ll do my best the best way i can. I may be a jolly person, but i am serious when it comes to my job. Dependable is my middle name and fun to be with but I seldom go out. I can stay in my room all day with my books and music”

Janet does not seem to stop, even when she is tired, but she does stop when she knows her part is done.

Janets view is “Aim high and always do your best!” She says she is proud to be part of the AskMeFast team.

Thanks again Janet Reyes for all of your hard work and dedication to! We appreciate you and all your hard work!


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Askmefast Logo Contest “Down to the Last 5” Results

Askmefast has narrowed down the 400 logo entries for their “Help us create our new logo” contest on  Askmefast management could not decide which of the top 5 contenders would be our new logo – so we decided to launch a pole on’s official website.  We host approximately 1 million visitors per day – and many of those visitors have participated in this pole.  Here are the results so far………..  Images appear first then the tally is found below in order as seen.



Image 1




Image 2




Image 3




Image 4




Image 5



Get your vote in at askmefast’s official website before it’s too late.  Help us decide between these impressive works of graphic design.  Thank you for your participation.

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Askmefast is Moving Online Office to Google +

Askmefast has been operating their online office in Skype based rooms.  These rooms range from Break Room to the dreaded Coaching Room. management has found that Google Plus is a far better facility to have their staff communicate with each other.  Communications is a very important factor in the success of this 140+ working community to have 24 hour support and information on their duties.

We found that Google Plus is a more efficient machine and our staff will be able to communicate and share data and documents with each other more easily – once they familiarize with this new software.

This changeover is expected to be announced early next week, as ownership is currently developing the backbone of this communication tool.


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Askmefast Hires Aaron Mashburn

Please welcome Aaron to our askmefast team.  He brings to the table design, programming and server administrative capabilities.  We are very excited about him as part of the askmefast!  This gentleman is renowned for his quality and precision in table design.  Askmefast is delighted to have him on our team.  Welcome abort Aaron – the internet gets better and better each and every day because of people like you.


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Askmefast’s Review of Angry Birds

The Evolution of Angry Birds

The phenomenon known as Angry Birds continues to grow and expand. Its reach is vast and one cannot ignore the presence they have attained in the last 2 to 3 years. From its first release on Apple’s IOS platform back in late 2009/early 2010, the game has spawned various ports to Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and even console sets.

The success of the initial Angry Birds game prompted several follow ups and sequels. Angry Birds Seasons and Rio were followed and succeeded by Angry Birds Space and more recently, Angry Birds Star Wars. With Space and Star Wars, Rovio introduced a new game play mechanic. The game now employs gravity that affects the bird’s trajectory after being launched. With Star Wars, many of the popular sounds and visuals have been added, as well as weapons upgrade including the Millenium Falcon (special attack), Lightsaber and of course the Force.

It seems conquering the mobile phone gaming arena wasn’t enough for the birds, as they have reached across to console and PC gaming. They are also invading our homes in most media player set-top boxes like WD TV Live and Roku devices as well as apps built into Smart TV’s. Merchandising the birds seems an obvious next step as we start seeing plush toys, keychains, flip flops and pretty much anything else imaginable.

The future for the birds is bright. A softdrink is being worked on featuring the Angry Birds brand as well as projects in film and television. With a series and a major animated motion picture in development, these birds look to conquer the media world as well. Clearly, their presence can be felt in our daily lives. Are you a fan yet?

Written by Guest Blogger – Robert


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Askmefast Expert of the Week – Rosel Emanuelle Pamatmat

Askmefast has selected last weeks Expert Guide of the Week.  Rosel has displayed an excellent work ethic since he started working with Askmefast, an has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Askmefast is honored to have Rosel on our team and look forward to working with him in the future.

Askmefast always asks our Expert of the Week to write a biography so that people can get a feel for the type of people adding expertise and quality solutions on

Everyone, meet Rosel Emanuelle Pamatmat,

My real name is Rosel Emanuelle Pamatmat but most of my friends used 2nd
to call me “B.J” and it stands for “Batchie Jr.”. I’m 27 years old and
turning 28 this coming June. I’m just a simple man who loves to learn
new things. I love to travel and experience different adventure. I’m
also a gamer before, I used to play counter strike and dota.

We are six in the family, My mom is a Professor, My dad is a
politician, I have a twin sister and they are both a registered nurse,
I’m next to my twin sister, I took up Eng. and decided to shift to
Nursing, I finished two years nursing but again that’s not what I want
to do, so I took up Information Technology and finished that course
because this is what I want. My youngest sister is practicing medicine
now. I have a perfect and very supportive family and I love them all
so much.

I’m very thankful that I found this amf or askmefast family online, It
really helps me a lot. Earning money and learning something new is
really a good thing to have at the same time. I want to grab this
opportunity to thank Sir. A, thank you very much for bringing me here,
I really appreciate it.

This week is my first month here as an answer guide and being selected
as Expert of the Week is really a good thing for me and it makes me
really happy, I want to encourage everyone to work hard. Your next on
the line.



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Askmefast Hires New Head Programmer – Matt Wilson

Askmefast is very excited about their newest acquisition.  Askmefast announced today their selection for their new Head Programmer.  This wasn’t a hard decision because Matt Wilson is amazing at what he does.  He brings a uniqueness to the team and a skill set that is unprecedented.  Askmefast’s programming team is very eager to work with Matt Wilson and would like to welcome him to 


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