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Special Agent Oso Your Special Assignment


My 2-year-old son loves that cartoon and just reminded me about what we do as adults to overcome challenges and take opportunities.

Throughout our lives, we always set objectives and goals to be accomplished. I guess, somehow, we always thought that once school was over, our life would be easier.  That is not the case. We needed to find a job, move out from our parent’s house, and find our own way. Wow,  life is not easier than when I was in school. Well, here it goes again. I bet, once I find a steady job and an affordable dream home, our life will be just dandy!



Does this sound familiar to you at all? We have been misinformed by our parents, school, and everybody else that life was easy, but it’s the other way around. Life is very complicated in every step. Is there a board or an office where I can complain about this? Nobody told me about that, and by law, (here comes my legal voice) everything must be in writing and accessible.  I can’t find that information posted anywhere.

Life is tough, nobody said it was going to be easy; however, I truly believe that if we find the balance between the overwhelming and the happiness, we will be okay.



My point is that every step along our life becomes a challenge, an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and become stronger with our accomplishments. From there, we move on to our next journey where different challenges are to be conquered.

I think we all  make things more complicated sometimes. In my case, I am a control freak, which means I need to fix everything on my own, and since I’m a superwoman, I can pretty much do everything! Well, yes, but no, I do need help. Regardless of the fact that asking for help makes me feel like I’m failing. That’s how I was taught. It is very hard to overcome our own paradigms and try to move into a different way of reacting when we are so used to do the same thing over and over.



I always find myself trapped into a life full of stress. I keep forgetting about the blessings I have. I have a great family (not perfect at all and may be to others somehow dysfunctional, but the truth is we love each other, and that’ s what makes it real), I have good friends, and  I’m still healthy.


Once the storm is gone, we always have a good laugh and look back and remember everything that we have been through. Then we look forward for the next challenge to come. It is time to regroup and replenish your strength, your heart, your energy, everything; because it is about to start over again.


And now, you ask why Special Agent Oso has to be involved? Well, he completes his assignments in three special steps. Even though his assignments are always complicated, he manages to take care of them every time with a positive attitude. I think we should learn from him and start looking at our life to conquer it in three special steps.

And like the song says: “3 special steps that’s all you need, 3 special steps and you’ll succeed, your special assignment starting now, with 3 special steps will show you how” Here are the steps for life that I’m proposing:

  1. No problem can be bigger to overwhelm your life unless you are sick or you die.
  2. Remember to laugh and to look at the good things you have. Stop concentrating on pointing out the bad.
  3. Make a battle plan, look for options, possible suggestions, and ask for HELPImage

“3 special steps, so now you know, 3 special steps and you are ready to go, the checklist has all the steps you need, just follow them all and you’ll succeed, with 3 special steps”(Theme song Special Agent Oso, Playhouse, Disney)

Three special steps, not bad right? It’s easier saying them than actually implementing them…
This time I will try them and will keep you posted to see if my three special steps are working out and making my life easier, just like special agent oso suggested.

About me:

 My name is Alma Aldana
I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico.
I’m the oldest of 3, my brother is the middle child and my sister the baby girl, but regardless of that my mom and dad always made us feel special to each one of us.

Mom and Dad are teachers, therefore education was very important for them, I was lucky received a Spanish -French bilingual education in a private school for my elementary and secondary school.
After finishing high school I was sent to Washington State as an exchange student to learn English, I fell in love with the beauty of the cities and the weather and promised to myself to come back.


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