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“Splash Island”

     It’s summer time! Summer in the Philippines starts from third week of March and ends first week of June. Classes has already ended, and everyone is free to go for an excursion. What would be the most famous thing to do every summer? SWIMMING!

This is the perfect time to face the sun, go for a tan and wear those skimpy bikinis and short shorts (yes, short shorts). Aside from getting cold beverages such as shakes and ice cream, swimming is one of the best ways to beat the heat.

ImageOne of the most popular places that you can visit to go for a swim with different rides and attractions would be Splash Island. Yes, you read it right, they have rides. So if you want extraordinary adventure then you can visit this place.


(My family. Phone Cam)

Splash Island is located in the heart of Binan, Laguna. You can either commute, or much better bring your own vehicle for less hassle.

How to get to Splash Island:If you will commute:

From Edsa: Ride a bus going to San Pedro/Pacita Complex. Just tell the drive to drop you off at Jollibee Pacita, then you will need to take a tricycle going to Splash Island. I am not sure about the fare. Bus fare is around 100 -150 Pesos/Pax (Almost $4). Then tricycle will be around 200 – 250 Pesos (Almost $7)If you will be bringing your own vehicle, you need to take the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway). Then take Southwoods exit.  You can take this map as reference.


(Grabbed from Splash Islands Site)

   Splash island is open from 8am – 6pm, Mondays through Fridays (peak season only). Their one day tickets give guests to use un-limitedly all the slides, attractions and facilities. They also have cottages which are on a first come first serve basis because of limited availability. I went there twice. The First time we got there, we were able to rent a cottage. It is a small cabana with air con and lock, then the second time we just use their free tables and chair. Oh by the way, you need to wear proper swimming attire.


Entrance Fees:ALL DAY PASS (As of 03/19/2013)Fridays – Sundays +Holidays:  499 PHP ($13USD)

Mondays-Thursdays : 399 PHP (Limited Offer)

This is a small Cabana that we were able to get. This is around 650 – Php 1500 ($40USD). The second time I got there, the attendant provided tables and chairs which they places under a tree. It did not cost us anything J. They also have lockers around 100- 200PHP. There are also Big Cabanas with own comfort Room, Sala and Bedroom. This will cost you around 5,000PHP ($125USD).

ATTENTION: IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO BRING FOODS, EVEN WATER. So better leave your foods in your vehicle, or you can buy there. Don’t dare to bring foods, they do massive

inspection hehehehe. There are a lot of choices once inside, from especially grilled foods which are perfect for swimming!

Now Let’s go for the Rides and Attractions. I was not able to take all photos, don’t have a waterproof cam. (Photos are from their website some are mine):


RIO MONTAŇOSA: A family fun ride! 4 persons can ride this at once.



I did not try this one. I got scared. HEHEHE 😀


AGOS GRANDES: Splash Islands Wave pool!  (Excuse my baby fats :D)


WATER WAHOO: BEST FOR KIDS AND KIDS AT HEAT ❤ (Future sister in law? hehehehe)


BALSA RIVER: Using your “Balsa” (rubber boat), drift along their flowing river!


These are the attractions/rides that I personally tried. There are other rides that you can try.

Image**Photos from Splash Island’s Site**

There are also different activities that you can try such as zip line, wall climbing inflatables, kayaks and even zorb balls. You can also do your team building activities. They have available packages for big companies and they will set it up you, so no need to worry.

Hope you can visit this place, and make your summer adventure fun with your loved ones!

Mia Veronica Sumilhig/Pinay and Proud J. My first blog eveeerrr:D


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